We all struggle in life and it’s common to want to know why or what can be done about it.

At the Chicago ADHD Clinic LLC, we specialize in individual therapy for late teens and adults directly and indirectly impacted by ADHD, learning disabilities, stress, anxiety, depression, and neurologic events like strokes and brain injuries. We also work with partners and caregivers of those with these problems or who are experiencing dementia.

Dr. Maucieri draws on his scientific knowledge and genuine personality when working with clients. Evidence-based psychotherapy tools (such as cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, assertiveness training, and motivational interviewing techniques) are used within a warm, caring and engaging therapeutic relationship.

At the Chicago ADHD Clinic LLC, the connection and personal quality of the relationship are as vital to the healing process as the techniques themselves. There are scientifically-based therapeutic techniques for adult ADHD and other disorders (see for example APA’s website:, but at the Chicago ADHD Clinic we believe the most effective treatments involve not only good science but a solid human connection.