For Referring Providers

Chicago ADHD Clinic LLC takes a coordinated approach to treatment and assessment. Dr. Maucieri is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist who trained at Yale, NYU, and Northwestern. A tenured Associate Professor at Governors State University, he publishes peer-reviewed presentations and articles on treatment and assessment of adult ADHD, traumatic brain injury, evaluation, and scale validation.

Dr. Maucieri routinely consults with physicians and providers in psychology, education, social work, psychiatry, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, primary care, internal medicine, geriatrics, and cardiology. Learn more about Dr. Maucieri.

Neuropsychological and psychological evaluations can be screenings or detailed examinations. They are often used to differentiate between diagnoses, develop treatment plans and accommodations, and assess cognitive capacity for a wide range of disorders. These include ADHD, learning disabilities, strokes, head injuries, abscesses, tumors, inflammation processes, metabolic abnormalities, movement disorders, autoimmune disorders, tic disorders, depression, trauma, substance abuse, and anxiety.

Research has demonstrated that self-report symptom measures for ADHD in particular are easy to feign, and so a more detailed and nuanced approach is needed to be sure of the diagnosis.

By establishing a firm diagnosis for you and clarifying the severity and symptoms that clients are experiencing, the clinic’s testing approach helps to understand your patients’ experiences and to develop optimal treatment plans for them.