Sometimes we have concerns about changes in our thinking, memory, feelings, or behaviors. Are they normal or is something else going on?

Sensitive and research-based tests are available to detect even subtle changes in attention, memory, word finding, processing speed, mood, and other brain functions. Dr. Maucieri of the Chicago ADHD Clinic LLC is a board-certified expert in the diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic treatment of brain-related conditions using these and other techniques.

Insurance often pays for at least part of these assessments, but extra steps and written requests may be needed before your testing is covered by insurance. We work with you and your insurance company each step of the way to help with this process.

The evaluation process starts with an interview and then includes a series of carefully selected tests that measure a full range of mental skills, mood, coping, and personality styles.

Dr. Maucieri not only has decades of experience with testing, but he is caring, supportive, and reassuring throughout the whole process. He brings a sense of warmth and empathy to the sometimes formal assessment process. All evaluations conclude with a personalized feedback session, when the results and recommendations are explained and all questions or concerns you have are fully addressed.